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Dynamico Property Pty Ltd 2019

We believe that an honest, reliable and targeted approach is the best way to protecting your investment property. We understand that owning an investment property is not a simple task but we are committed to taking on the pressures for your comfort.

  • Leading specialist recommendations and advise of maximising rental opportunity and managing all facets of property management

  • Enjoy the quickest and most trouble-free management of finding tenants and dealing with all third party creditors

  • We ensure that you are understood of your responsibilities

  • Experience best practice customer service from all members of our team

  • Utilising and integrating new systems and processes to maximise value to our clientele – constantly challenging the status quo

  • Industry leading Real Estate experience in accordance with regulatory requirements

  • Focus on achieving continuous security, risk management solutions

  • We produce informative and appealing solutions to our clients along with a full set of professional photographs which showcase your investment to the best advantage


1. Comprehensive advertising approach


Your property will be prominently displayed on key websites including, and other leading platforms.

We will keep you informed of proceedings every step of the way regarding the number of enquiries, follow ups, inspections, repeat viewings and price negotiations through custom reports sent from our research team followed by calls and other channels of communication.


2. Photography


We have a panel of professional photographers to showcase your property to the highest potential


3. Tenant Selection


We have a rigorous tenant selection process to ensure that your property can acheieve optimal results.


4. Rental Payments & Arrears


We follow a streamlined process of collecting rent by offering our tenants with choice. They can either pay into our nominated Rental Trust Account or through a Direct Debit facility coordinated by a number of service providers we have made contact with.


5. Repairs and Maintenance Requests


Repairs and maintenance are central to the successful management of an investment property. The tenant wants to ensure repairs and maintenance, particularly urgent repairs are dealt with swiftly, efficiently and in a timely manner.

We esnure that all tradesment and contractors are:

  • Licensed and Insured

  • Repairs deemed to be urgent are dealt with as soon as possible

  • Always authorised by Landlord

  • That repairs procedures from lodgement, to approval, to repair, to follow up, to correct payment are strictly followed

6. Rent Reviews


We constantly conduct and assess the position of your property against market standards. Residential properties have fixed terms of 6 or 12 months and we use market dignostics to align your property on a continuous growth plan. Consumer Price Index (CPI) and other market forces will increase te cost of your property and will need to be considered annually. We conduct this as part of our annual service review.


7. Financial Structuring


We ensure that all Tax Reporting and Depreciation reports are updated and sent to you for your lodgement at End of Financial Year.